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Love classical odd one out? Find crazily odd picture in set of similar pictures! The real memory booster! Go Crazy! Go addictive!
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For all game and puzzle lovers who have smart eyes and brain that can find an ODD one out amongst a set of similar images. Fun-filled classical brain-teasing game!

If you want to sharpen your brain and hungry to challenge your memory power, then playing this game app will surely excite you. If it sounds crazy then give it a try and you will not be disappointed. The real memory booster! Go Crazy!

Features of the game-
100s of puzzles
Original hand crafted
Variety of challenging puzzles
Mix of simple to hard puzzles
Learning - Answer/reason of odd one out in the set
Improves cognitive skills
No-time limit
Background sound on/off
For whole family
Coin-point to show attempt that solved the puzzle
Score Card for progress indicator

How to Play-
Player will be presented with 4 pictures and three of them will have similar characteristics or pattern and one picture will be ODD and would not fit the set. Tap to select the picture you find as an ODD one. Simple! If the picture you tapped is correct then it show correct-sign else a cross-sign for being incorrect. If incorrect then select another image until you find the correct one.
When a correct odd one is found then the reason is also provided for its being odd. This helps in learning and analytic thinking, the most powerful part of this game.
There will be four attempts as there are 4 pictures to find the correct one and gets a point. In each puzzle finding the correct odd one out in the
1st attempt - 1 gold coin point
2nd attempt - 1 silver coin point
3rd attempt - 1 bronze coin point
last attempt - a consolation coin point.
Some players can come with a different reason for their selected picture to be an odd one than the puzzle answer provides. Due care is taken while creating/designing each puzzle and used the most common reason for a picture in the given set to be odd one.

Easy, flexible, isn't it? Yes, it has fun, craziness, excitement, addictive and what not!
Believe me it is going to be one of your most favorite app on your devices.

We will love to get your reviews!

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