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The best picture puzzle game to have fun and excitement. Go crazy, go addictive!

For all game and puzzle lovers who love stunning pictures and like to play with it in simple and crazy ways to boost your brain activities. Have fun with many many picture puzzles!

Each picture will comprise of many smaller pieces and will be arranged in order. A complete picture. When you are ready to Play, each piece will be randomly placed and you will have to rearrange it to make it a complete picture. Just move a piece of the picture and drop over any other desired piece and it will get swapped. Easy, isn't it? Yes, it has fun, craziness, excitement, addictive and what not!


There are many stunning pictures to play with, such as nature, flower, places, people, science, artifacts, monuments, etc.

To complement the fun side, for learning some important facts will also be presented about the picture along with how was your performance at the end of each puzzle.

More crazy pictures will be added in future releases to keep you entertained and excited.

Easy, isn't it? Yes, it has fun, craziness, excitement, addictive and what not! Believe me it is going to be one of your most favourite app on your devices.

We will love to get your reviews!

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